What’s this? A cool gorilla? An interesting blog?

Blam! It’s both a cool gorilla AND an interesting blog. The miracle of technology!

So, what’s the big deal? I’ve finally decided to do something that’s been on my list for a while; write a blog! What will I be writing about? Well…

I’ll be documenting my experiences, thoughts and insights as I go through the MBA programme at the University of Warwick. Now I know there’s already an excellent blog by Warwick Business School alumnus Matt Cooling (https://mattcooling.wordpress.com), so why should I do another one? Well, I found Matt’s blog to be exceptionally useful when it came to choosing an MBA programme (and deciding whether I should even be doing one in the first place). In that vein, I thought I’d add my thoughts and experiences to help anybody in 2017 who’s considering postgraduate study, and wants to know what it’s like at Warwick  (Matt started his blog back in 2012).

So why do an MBA? Does it carry as much value as it used to? What study mode, Distance learning or full time? Which institutions? I come from quite a mixed professional background, having done everything from freelance photography and videography, to carrying out financial risk analysis, to promoting public transport and now working in higher education looking after the marketing of knowledge transfer and commercial activities.

I thought about doing a postgraduate qualification as I was thinking about how to further my marketing career. When looking at options my wife suggested doing something that would not only provide a solid foundation in business, but also give a broader experience of the business world outside of a marketing remit. Preferring the interdisciplinary route and the opportunity to meet a wide variety of professionals, I decided to go down the MBA path.

As for study mode, as attractive the full time option is, it was not financially viable for me to leave work and study full time. Distance learning seemed to fit best, blending flexible learning with face to face contact. It’s a heck of a lot of work, but at least I can fit it around my hectic work and personal commitments. As far as institutes are concerned, I checked the FT, Economist, and also existing student experiences. Warwick stood out for me, not just for it’s rankings (its a top ranked institution both nationally and internationally), but also for the truly amazing achievements of it’s graduates.

So having got onto the course, I’m a happy (if exceptionally busy) bunny. The people I’ve met in my cohort are exceptionally diverse, friendly, talented, and all too ready to help. In fact, that’s one of the biggest things that stood out for me, how helpful everybody is. Students are arranging informal drinks, helping each other out on Facebook, swapping contact details and forming WhatsApp groups; it really is quite refreshing.

I’m going to leave it at that for today. My next post will look more at the studies themselves, how they’ve been so far, time management tips etc, I also have some reading I need to catch up on. Until next time, adios!!

P.S. If anybody wants to know why I picked CyberGorilla, I think gorillas are cool, and cyber gorillas can only be cooler!


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